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Default Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

yo, its kaleb

so if youve seen lately my posts have been growing slow, but im still trying to keep up. Things are getting overwhelming for me and id like to focus on other characters too ! and i feel like im focusing too much on daydream, so i need an apprentice to help balance things out.

daydream has gone through a lot. theyre best friend died, adoptive mother, and lost so much more. they will be fairly picky when choosing the cat that will heal shadowclan. they also hate starclan to an extent, and are overall bitter.

HERE is their page just in case.

anyways, guidelines !

• Do NOT quote this post. I like to keep things organized. Your application will not count if you quote.
• Im looking for a unique plot concept in a cat. For instance, Daydream has nightmares and hates starclan, which creates a lot of plot. a great personality would be great too. something that defines their character and sticks out.
• Keep this thread for applications and "good luck" s only.
•doesnt have to be a kit, it could be a elder, warrior, even a queen for all i care ! i dont discriminate.
•Doesnt HAVE to be from shadowclan, they can have any background, but yes, they have to be apart of the clan.
•Im not giving you a form to fill out. I want you to get creative. Your applications must include description of the characters name,gender, appearance, and a feel for what their personality is. NO INTERVIEWS ALLOWED. GET MORE CREATIVE. any use of FORMS WILL BE UNCONSIDERED.
•your cat cant be homophobic, transphobic, ect. or fuzz family.
•Must have been an active member for atleast 2 months. also, just because you may have had an hr before doesnt mean i wont pick you ! you are just as equal, just make sure you have fulfilled your cool-down time.
•Just because this finder is up, doesnt mean i will chose from it, I may hand pick someone if it seems nessesary or nobody at all, it depends. please no belly aching.
•type the word "woly poly" at the END of your APPLICATION if you read through all of this.
• over all just looking for a personality that will be compadiable with daydreams personality !


make any last changes/edits to your forms by the 20th! any forms edited after this point will not be read at all.

thank you for reading/applying x

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pulled me to the surface, no way i deserve this,
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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

[minkkit, minkmouth]
7 moons
xe/xer [tom, genderqueer]

egocentric. non-empathetic. oriented. envious. perfectionist. shameless.


if it hasn't been made clear already, minkpaw things that xey are much better than everyone else and are extremely boastful. xey believe that xey are more beautiful than anyone else, inside and out. xe goes through a lot to make this obvious, always talking about xemselves and how much better than everyone else they are, and how much xey love xemselves. xey never talk someone else up, rather talk them down for the sake of xemselves.


minkpaw cares very little about any other cat or animal. xey only care about xemselves. xey cannot even sightly begin to relate to anyone else or xer problems until xey had been in the situation xemself at a point in time that xey can remember and that it impacted xem and xer life directly. for example, if xey were to be attacked by a hawk and severely injured, xey could relate to someone else who was attacked by a hawk. however, if xey were attacked by a hawk but it did not hurt xem or only gave minor injuries, xey would not be able to relate and empathize.


minkpaw is very at home in shadowclan. xey adapted easily to the area and to the prey types, finding that xey both understood shadowclan's territory, but other territories xey had passed through in journeys to gatherings. xey found that xey easily found xer place in new and strange surroundings, lining up perfectly in every place's food chain.


minkpaw easily feels discontented and resentful when someone xey know possesses fame or qualities that xey xemselves do not. xey can't help but feel a twinge of envy and jealousy when xey see someone older than xem or of a higher rank. it hurts xer feelings and generally bowls xer mood over when too much of this self-esteem ruining problem hits xem.


minkpaw doesn't care if anyone or anything else is perfect. xey only care that xey xemselves stand out and appear absolutely amazing. xey want to appear perfect, the person that everyone else strives to be, the best of role models, the idol that everyone loves, and xey do anything and everything to get there. it ranges from hours a day spent grooming and giving xemselves utmost attention and upkeep, but to spreading rumors and doing terrible things to put other cats and general competition down.


not once has minkpaw been caught openly expressing xer shame over something naughty or bad they have done. it simply never happened. rather, xey suppress it within xemselves in an attempt to look better than they truly are. this leads to random angry outbursts when xey simply overflow, like a cloud that had built up a terrible storm that would threaten a town. when mink is mad, everyone will know that xe is mad.

mental age is about twice xer current age.

strong in quickly getting xer opinion across and standing up for what xey xemselves believe is right, which isn't always as right as xey make it seem.
weak in going ahead and telling the truth and making what they mean to say clear and obvious without exaggeration.

has a particular soft spot for lavender color points and stories of the older cat's pasts, frogs, and leafbare.
despises young kits and anything that has to do with them, along with cats of any kind that believe they are better than mink, whether in rank, appearance or personality.

extreme agateophobia. mild automysophobia.

part laperm, part mix.
minkpaw is a broad tabby with curly, easily tangled mid length fur. xey have a pale, fawn-colored jaw and undercoat, which shows most at xer chest and belly. xer markings are hard to see due to xer curls, mixing the brown and black together into one subtle deep brown. xer tabby markings are most easily seen on xer legs, crown and towards the base of xer tail. xey have rings around xer eyes, which come together and bridge over xer nose with a very stand-out orange. xer paws are somewhat gloved with a more gray color over xer more common brown. xer most drawing feature is xer bright, green eyes, the highlight of xer entire face. the eyes make xem seem to light up, bringing xer entire appearance together.

"Ah, ah!" Minkpaw spoke decievingly to the younger kit that had curiously approached xem. "Don't try to stray from camp like you just did, mousebrain! Haven't you heard of what happens to all the kits that leave camp? They get gobbled up by foxes. I've seen it happen myself, and can you guess who was there to save them?" Xe didn't even pause to let the kit respond. "Me! I had to go out in the dark that foggy night to snatch the kit away from that mean old fox. If I hadn't been out hunting, you would've lost an accomplice, and the clan would have lost who would have became a valuable warrior. And when I leave here, if I see you've left our camp, I won't come to save you. I'll let the foxes go right ahead and swallow you whole since this clan, no clan, needs a cat that cant even follow simple orders." Mink bared xer teeth at the kit. Of course, the story xe told was incorrect and far from honest, but Mink would do anything to scare a cat younger than xemself. Especially knowing that someone would snitch if the kit had gotten killed after seeing xe and the young one together, and Mink not doing anything about it. Xey puffed xer chest out and turned, going off towards the apprentice's den, all big and bold after the story xey had told.

woly poly (;
@king kaleb!

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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications


At first glance, one might think Nutpaw doesn’t belong in the Medicine Cat Den, let alone in the clans. First glance, you’d pity her and be inclined to suggest she takes a life in the clans. But this little Nutshell is tougher than she looks.
Nutpaw is a twenty-five moon old apprentice. Now your probably wondering how she’s an apprentice at such an age. Let me explain. She was raised in the Dusk Syndicate under the name of Pistachio, a kind of nut (I have a bad sense of humor don’t I) At the age of three moons, she became a healer trainee to a healer and trained in healing. She learned all she could, with only the knowledge a healer could obtain. Then at the death of the Syndicate, rather than follow her sister to shelter, she chose to join the clans and learn to hunt and fight for herself.
Nutpaw is absolutely terrified of Daydream. Hmm...how should I explain, in the Syndicate she hid day and night in the medicine cat den in fear of being killed for existing. She never really met a cat that referred to themselves as ‘they’ she automatically has insticts to call cats like Day either ‘he’ or ‘she’, and appologizes afterwards. Daydream is a grouch and grouches with tempers give her flashbacks to the Syndicate when she was meerly a trainee and when she failed to heal someone properly, they might attempt to murder her. And those cats all remind her of Daydream.
Nonetheless, she has faith in Starclan, excessive faith in Starclan, more than most cats, more than most medicine cats. She believes she could walk through a battle praying to Starclan and come out uninjuried (that’s if your one of those kinds of cats, like her), and I think Shadowclan could use a medicine cat with faith in Starclan, more than Daydream (not a critisism, but an observation).
Why pick this Starclan obssessed former Dusk Syndicate healer?
Nutpaw is a coward, and Daydream along with cats from Starclan could help her be brave. She is not squemish to injuries; jumpy and appologetic yes not squemish. She also has an unintentional habbit of when out hunting searching for the herbs she knows and her mentor prevents her from carrying pawfuls back to Daydream, which is my way of saying she longs to be a medicine cat (or in her mind, a healer to the clans). Another reason to select her is because she isn’t like Calia or Juniper (sorry if the RPers of Calia and Juniper judge my opinion on Calia and Juniper. But, Calia is more of a “keep your paws to yourself while I heal you.” And Juniper’s more of a,” Lalala, your going to have a slow and painful death, here eat a death berry have a quick trip to Starclan for free! See Ya!” But Nutpaw has a more mature mind, if I were to compare her to any Medicine Cat ever (books and/or WCO) I’d compare her to Wheatfur. As she’s sensible and never backs down to things, yet she’s shy and jumpy (which I can’t think of any meddie who is like her.)
Like Yin and Yang...
Now, you probably are thinking that Daydream would never pick her because she isn’t a grump or she has strong faith in Starclan, but think about cats in the clan, Jayfeather is like Daydream except lack of vision and more faith in Starclan- same personality though, yet he took on Alderheart who is not as much like him, and his mentor was Leafpool a sweet and kind cat, or Yellowfang and Cinderpelt polar opposites. They learn to work together over time. They begin to care for eachother, for example, Daydream cares about Geckoleaf, and Gecko isn’t a grouch.
Plot Ideas for her becoming day’s apprentice
Nutpaw could start on a daily basis gaving Daydream herbs (real herbs), all the herbs she knows from her past as a healer. Daydream acnolages that she knows what herbs are, but still doesn’t think much of taking her on as an apprentice. Then one day, when Nutpaw comes in to leave some herbs for Daydream when Daydream is out, an injured cat arrives, bleeding or something simple that Nutpaw can handle. Nutpaw handles the injury and Daydream comes in, first shooing Nutpaw out for “messing with the patients” and Nutpaw leaves angry that they were mad that she helped. Daydream realizes that Nutpaw dealt with the injury correctly and is impressed and later makes her their apprentice.

Soaringkit is a kitten who is currently, two moons old. She has had a rough kithood (and it will continue until apprenticehood) her parents shove her around slap her, and on small occassions they scratch her with their claws. She is pretty sure already, due to not having littermates, that she has littermates that her parents killed. (She’s right about that) She dreams of being safe from her family, even though she doesn’t completely believe it’s wrong what they do. Soaringkit is a submissive kit, though that’s due to her parents, Daydream can in a moon or two of training prevent her from being submissive. She runs around to please others by offering to get prey for the queens, asking the apprentices if she han help them by doing their apprentice duties for them, anything to prove her significants. Now, due to being attacked by her parents, the idea of battle training of Starclan forbid, killing live prey sounds horrible to her, the idea of doing the opposite healing sounds much better to her. She would over time, as she recovers with the help of Daydream and learns family secrets through Starclan, she would develop a sense of sarcasm and humor, but not bitterness. She would grow to be more like Daydream. She’d still have moments of weakness, such as healing her parents, or learning of her littermates, though she’d have confidence and belief in herself.
Plot ideas: When she goes to Starclan for the first time, to get accepted as Medicine Cat Apprentice, she is greeted by two tiny kits, hardly a moon old. She learns that they are her littermates. She awakens in tears and relies on Daydream to help her question her parents about it and fights to grow belief in herself and break away from her parents.
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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

9 moons
Hard-Working: Darkpaw is a pretty hard-working apprentice that would do anything to get the job done.
Lovable: Darkpaw is a very lovable tom that just wants to be loved, but since he can't have kits it's kind of difficult for him to find the right she-cat, so love might not be a part of him besides the love from his family and friends.
Calm: He is a pretty calm cat that hardly ever gets angry, When he get's frustrated he always figures out a way to keep himself calm before something really bad happens to him.
Ambitious: He wants to be the best he can be. Darkpaw wants to be a great warrior or medicine cat apprentice(if chosen), but sometimes his ambition leads to disaster.
A Bit Loud: Darkpaw can be a bit loud when it comes to a few things. A lot of times he thinks he has to yell when it really isn't necessary.
@king kaleb!
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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

Good lucks all around <3

Rowanflower is merely a deputy and has yet to learn, contact
Fallenstar to get the answers your looking for <3


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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

Good luck everyone
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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

>Enter name below...

>You have entered

Extracting files for Dovepaw...



...Extraction complete!

>Please choose which section you would like to view.


Loading... ...Finished!
You have chosen 'Basic Information.'

Dovekit || Dovepaw || Dove--

Breed: LaPerm - Siamese mix
Age: 8 moons
Gender: Cis-Female
Training: Warrior (currently)
Heritage: Kitty-pet & loner.
Birthplace: Unknown... Please try again later.


Loading... ...Finished!
You have chosen 'Appearance.'

|| Ref || Ref || Ref ||
Dovepaw is a LaPerm/Siamese mix. Her coat is a creamy brown with
facial markings similar to that of a Siamese. Her eyes are a big, round,
warm ocean blue most often filled with excitement. Dove's fur is coarse
and curly, but underneath the mess is very soft fur. It's common that she
finds random bits of twigs and bracken in her fur. She is larger than the
average apprentice & warrior, standing a good few inches above an
average sized cat.

Height: Slightly Larger than Average
Weight: Average


Loading... ...Finished!
You have chosen 'Personality.'

Dovepaw has quite a big personality, well big enough to fit her mouth anyway. She's a chatter-bug, constantly filling empty space with encouragement, games, small talk, or
meaningless things. It's almost like she never shuts up honestly. This isn't a totally bad thing though. She's not afraid to speak her mind and though she is quite impulsive when it comes to
letting a cat know how she feels, her relationships are built upon foundations of honesty and truth. If she's mad at you, you'll know. If she's happy, sad, or upset, she won't hesitate
to tell those close to her. Sometimes this can be a disadvantage for her though, as she is extremely headstrong in her beliefs, those being; Love everyone and everything, there is
always another way,and fight for what is right.
While these beliefs are not bad by any means, Dove finds herself sometimes straying from these beliefs in times of extreme emotion or stress,
like many other cats would. The path of medicine would be an interesting one for Dove. Her keen sense of smell and overwhelming curiosity and excitement for the world is what drives
her faith in Starclan and ultimately her passion. Being a warrior has it's perks, but there's so much more for the young cat to discover. Truly, she's very intelligent, but only by her paws.
She goes out of her way to learn new things, meet new people. Obtaining this knowledge in important to her, and her council is the stars above. She very much enjoys star-gazing during
the later hours of the night. Dove is dedicated and motivated to follow the path Starclan has given her, taking on the role of Medicine Cat Apprentice. The molly desperately seeks the comfort
and approval of the cat ancestors and wants to believe she has a strong connection with Starclan, but her connection with them is like a static radio station; Unintelligible, Unchanging. Her
dreams remain untouched and everyday life continues as normal. Things like this she keeps to herself... Perhaps Dove may be able to claim having a strong bond with Starclan, but not today
and not for a long time. Even with her shortcomings, Dovepaw is a very excitable, eccentric, and work-oriented cat. She craves training and loves doing any task she is given, no matter
how tedious or disgusting - well... as long as it isn't too disgusting. She's not a huge fan of young kits as she finds them obnoxious, but she enjoys playing around with the older kits and of course
other apprentices. This doesn't mean she isn't gentle, but she certainly won't baby an injured cat, especially if it was due to their own stupidity!

Dovepaw and Daydream may not see eye to eye on some things -
especially regarding Starclan. Dovepaw intends to speak her mind,
giving no hesitation to correct or even scold her mentor and others
for being irresponsible. Initially, Dovepaw will soak anything Day tells
her up like a sponge, but after so much training, it's possible she may
try to correct them and even experiment with the herbs by herself
(her test subjects consisting of mostly kits).


Loading... ...Finished!
You have chosen 'Plots/Ideas.'

Like mentioned above, Dovepaw will be seeking the approval of
Starclan for most of her life. Her connection to them is flimsy
despite her immense faith, though this may be due to her kittypet
& loner roots. She was taken in at a young age, but not young
enough that all she remembers is clan life. Her motivation to be
close to Starclan is what will drive her to seek out Daydream
for an opportunity to become their apprentice (mostly on a
whim and from hearing rumors). I thought having a parallel
between the two, as Dovepaw is training to become a warrior,
yet is seeking a different path for herself while daydream felt
forced into their position, would be interesting and help create
a dynamic roleplay! What she doesn't know is that Daydream
really isn't pious for a clans spiritual leader. If she is accepted
as Day's apprentice, anytime they go to visit the starcave,
Dovepaw will not talk with their ancestors. This is going to
weigh on her for a very long time and she may seek out Day
for comfort.

Dovepaw acts like a know-it-all once in a while, perhaps while
treating a patient the two get into an argument over which herb
is better

Possibly comforting moments, Day and Dove bonding over something
as small as getting an herb correct or treating a cat correctly. Resorting
the herb store so it's completely backwards. Maybe they talk about themselves,
possibly visiting other medicine cats!


Loading... ...Finished!
You have chosen 'Theme Song.'

Dovepaw's theme song is; Buy the Stars by Marina and the Diamonds


Loading... ...Finished!
You have chosen 'Skills.'

Combat || ▰▰▱▱▱ 48%

Defense || ▰▰▰▱▱ 63%

Scent || ▰▰▰▰▱ 86%

Tracking || ▰▰▰▱▱ 67%

Climbing || ▰▱▱▱▱ 18%

Hunting || ▰▱▱▱ 39%

>Would you like to exit the program? Y/N?

>You have chosen Y.
>Please enter the password...

>You have entered Woly Poly...

Closing program...




Program has been closed!

Pixel Dividers used from Moonlight-pendent13

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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

Dear Daydream,

Greetings your,er, Medicine cat grandness! Oh great this is awkward already. Heh. Umm so I'm really excited to hear that you're looking for an apprentice. I would like to be considered!

So umm what can I say? I've always been interested in herbs since I was a couple moons old (I'm 5 moons now, nearly 6!) And eventually, I've come to love the medicine cat duties too! This is probably because my sister is the runt of the litter and has a weak immune system and she gets sick a lot. I'm a bit of a loner really, I have many siblings but I don't hang out with them as much as they hang out with eachother. I know you don't like StarClan but I feel very strongly connected to my warrior ancestors however, I will make my own choices too, if I must and I respect your decisions and beliefs- a medicine cat is a medicine cat whether they have faith in StarClan or not.

I don't know if you know me...I'm A grey Tom kit with blue eyes. I'm pretty skinny and lean but I'm Shadowclan born. I also like to e extremely clena and neat, so my fur is always groomed. I can get a little embarrassed an awkward at times if I get things wrong or if I'm unsure of something. I'm also not very ambitious or outgoing or loud. I just...live life.

I promise I won't disappoint you, Woly Poly!


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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

Inkjoy ~ Link(Appearance at the Bottom)

Inkjoy doesn't really look special. She has a solid black pelt, orange eyes, and short fur. She has a slim body shape, slim for a ShadowClan cat at least. See, your average black cat. But, not your average ShadowClan cat.

If I had to describe this cat's personality in word word I would probably use 'UnShadowClanlike' or 'UnShadowClanly' um, if those are words. If they're not... Then... Well, you can't sum up this she-cat's personality in one word. You could honestly go on and on about it.


You will never find Inkjoy being the opposite of kind to anyone, even if they're being mean or rude to her. Now, if they're being rude to someone who can't or doesn't fight back, she is quick to snap back at them, even if they are a higher rank then her. 'Defender of the Weak' I guess.(if you're wondering, if Day ever snaps at a kit or apprentice, or even a warrior that doesn't do anything to fight back, Ink will snap back at them.)


If the first time you see Inkjoy is when she snaps at someone the most likely reaction is,"oh boy, well I don't wanna get in her way," but really. If you get to know her, you'll love her for the sweet cat that she is.

Likes to Help

Even if Daydream doesn't choose her as their apprentice, Inkjoy would still love to help them out. But, you've already seen that she's the defender of the weak so I don't have to say any more here.


If Inkjoy has known you long enough, you are going to get all of the affection. If you're feeling down Inkjoy will not stop bothering you until you tell her what's wrong.


Inkjoy could literally make a world record on trusting. If you earn her trust and then do something that would most likely break her trust she will still trust you, though not completely. But, if you do something really bad like kill a cat or even something a little less severe than that she will not trust you anymore.

Can Read Cats

No, she's not like Jayfeather the mind reader. She's just good at looking at body language and expression and deciding if something's wrong, this goes along with her affectionate trait.


If Inkjoy has an idea, she's not going to be quick to give it up, though if she feels another idea is better than hers she will say so. She's not stubborn like some cats.(and people aka me X3)


She is never sad. I mean never sad. Never. Literally nothing can take away her jolly spirit, enough said.


This goes along with her reading cats and affectionate traits. She can and will put herself I your shoes just to understand what you're going through, and when she does she will stop at nothing to comfort you.(she will still snap at Day though XD)


Sometimes because of this she gets lonely and it's very hard for her to stay positive but she pushes through one way or another.


If you do snap at her she will take it to heart and do her best to fix herself and because of that she doesn't not argue back against that.

Overall Inkjoy is a kind, protective, trusting, and sensitive cat that holds StarClan close to her, being wise at such a young age. I think both Inkjoy and Daydream can benefit from Inkjoy being a medicine cat apprentice.

I hope that gave you all the info you needed and wasn't to long.

Woly Poly
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Default Re: Shadowclan Medcat Apprentice Applications

Come on daydream, you’re lucky you know. You choose to not believe in starclan due to a hate which I simply don’t know and honestly I don’t think I deserve to know. While I am forced to believe in the stars... and honestly I’m cursed to fear it my friend. A non clan born shouldn’t walk among stars wise one besides.. I have a feeling my blood isn’t pure.
Moonkit ( was named this way because she was found on the day of the full moon)
She/ her
Now: https://www.warrenphotographic.co.uk...background.jpg
Future with a few scars: https://pre00.deviantart.net/100f/th...co-daxl95x.png without the collars and bandages :3
Her past is a bit unknown, she was left to die when she was just a moon old, she smelled of blood and couldn’t even see at all. She had no injuries but was left alone to this day she doesn’t remember much of her past and can’t even recall who her real parents at all but she does know that she’s not exactly Clan born and honestly is kind of scared because of this. She constantly thinks about her lost parents and doesn’t want to say much or even ask her adoptive parents about it. But still she has a happy life now and speads each day with a smile and a happy purr with everyone she meets... even if they look at her with those judging eyes.

She’s very outgoing, playful like a kit should be however she’s more kind than anything always asking others if they need it even if she is sometimes too small to do much. Hi she tries. She’s always up in the morning of course not making any noise to wake up the others and often explores not trying to wake up others often playing with whatever flower she can find and sometimes even tries for some reason she doesn’t mind bitter tastes that much. Somehow has a bit of a way with words that often shocked others at how much she can say and think. She’s a smart kit and can learn fast when she’s interested in it and lately she’s been interested in daydream, watching them at work and just smelling the herbs anytime she had the chance but quickly books it when they come back. It’s not she’s scared more like she’s embarrassed to be interested in such a thing. Despite being playful and outgoing she gets real embarrassed when she wants to know something. She just can’t ask anyone more like she wants to find out about it on her own.

Future sexuality: Homosexual

Has been having odd dreams that keep her up at night something about a tom, blood and the cries of a mother. She doesn’t know why but she has been losing sleep over it but is too scared or just embarrassed to say anything about it. She’ll tell someone one day... she just hopes it isn’t what she thinks.

Future personality: she’ll become more confident with herself despite the nightmares here and there. More outgoing and playful and a bit of a flirt and joker but reliable no matter what. She always cheers many up with her jokes and sometimes some pick lines ( and Puns :3) she believes the best medicine is laughter ( and of course herbs) she’ll be even more outgoing but calm when she sees the need and serious when again sees the need. She can tell what others want to say just by looking at their body but not always accurate but hi she tries. Will be more playful around daydream but always by their side no matter what. Sometimes even sings some lullabies or songs to calm kittens even they’re in pain or sick. She’ll be like that fun aunt one might even say.

Her beliefs In Starclan is strong.. but she mostly fears it because she wasn’t exactly born as a clan cat. She fears it deeply to be judged at every moment scares her especially when others are already judging her because of the way she was found. She hopes that they won’t hate her but still tries her best to be kind and loving but still the thought of being looked at and judged at every moment for everything scares her

Woly poly!! :3

I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.

Love is such a thing a need for us all. I simply seek a light is that so bad?

Can You Feel The Call Of Madness?
Finder for my cats: http://warriorcatsonline.com/forums/...ad.php?t=14106

Sorry ladies Iím taken~: My wife that always drives me mad

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