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Default Site Assistance Guide

Using Site Assistance

Before creating a new thread in Site Assistance, please read the following suggestions, as it will aid staff and other members in providing assistance while cutting down on repeat questions.

Title your thread appropriately - This permits both staff and users to quickly pinpoint what the issue may be, and it gives the problem a better chance of being resolved. Avoid vague titles such as "help" or "I'm confused" because if you weren't looking for help or puzzled about something, you wouldn't be in Site Assistance. For example, if you are struggling to upload an animated avatar, your thread could be titled "animated avatar issues."

Provide details - Warrior Cats Online has a community that strives to go above-and-beyond in lending a paw to those who need it, but it's difficult to accurately respond when nobody is certain what the question is. Being direct and concise is preferred, but don't forget to include details that may be relevant to the problem you're experiencing. This is especially necessary when dealing with technical errors produced by the website -- save us an immense amount of time by describing what you were doing up to the point when the issue occurred, what device you are on, the browser you're using, and the operating system.

Be patient - Waiting for a response can be frustrating, but please do not broadcast your thread everywhere in an attempt to garner attention. This includes sending obtrusive messages to members or staff. If it is overlooked, bump the thread after twenty-four hours.

Personal questions - As long as the question fits within the Site Guidelines, it is allowed on Warrior Cats Online but if it is unrelated to the site, post it in the General Board. Site Assistance is for site questions only, whereas more personal (but still suitable) ones belong elsewhere.
If it is a question pertaining to an infraction received, this should be taken to the Support Hotline.

Although a more complete list of questions and answers can be found in the FAQ, below are a few inquiries that tend to frequent Site Assistance:

Q: How do I start roleplaying in the Main Clans?
Make sure you've read the Roleplay Guidelines before starting out. After you've thoroughly acquainted yourself with our rules and have a character in mind, then you can make an open starter or search for roleplaying partners.
If you choose to create a starter, find your character's Clan category, write a post in one of the topics, and be certain to include that it is an open roleplay or folks might be hesitant to respond. The alternative is to make a thread in the Roleplaying Resources area specifically to find a roleplay partner or two for your character(s).
If you would like to have an easily-accessible description of your character available, some put this information in the Biographies section or design a character site.
You do not need to message a staff member or Clan leader to join unless the Clan News states otherwise.

Q: What is / was the Evil Era?
The Evil Era was a period in WCO's history in which the Clans were seized by malicious leaders. The first Evil Era was led by Eternalstar and lasted from November 2013 to March 2014, while the second Evil Era, spearheaded by Bucknight, spanned May 2016 to December 2016. More information can be found in the following news articles: [Old Blog Post] Evil Era Information and Evil Era Announcement.

Q: How do I change my username?
A: This requires private messaging an administrator. Further details about username changes are in this post.

Q: Why isn't profile music playing?
Profile music currently does not work on Tablet or Mobile devices. If you are on a Computer / Laptop and this feature continues to disobey you, try using an updated version of Google Chrome.

Q: How can I get an animated avatar/signature image? The animation is not working!
Step one is to ensure the animation is in a format that can be uploaded to the site. The staff recommend using .gif images.
If it still does not animate, this means the file is too large, and you will need to compress it to a size more manageable for the website. This can be done by reducing the dimensions of the image, lowering the quality, or shortening the length of the animation.

Q: Can a thread title be changed?

A: Yes, but you will have to message a moderator or administrator. Include a link to the thread and the exact title that you would like it to be renamed to.

Q: How do I make a poll thread?
Navigate to the desired category and select "New Thread." From there, enter any information you'd like in the post title and body, and scroll down until you see the option "Yes, post a poll with this thread" - tick the checkmark, then specify your desired number of poll choices in the box provided directly below. Submit the post. You will be redirected to a page to customize the poll, and once you are done, click "Submit New Poll."

Q: Where is the map of the territories?
A: Here.

Q: How do I become a rank such as leader, deputy, medicine cat, or medicine cat apprentice?
A: Coined "high ranks" by the site's community, these positions must be earned. To be eligible for one, you must be active on-site for two months, show an exemplary understanding of the Guidelines, and be a friendly face around the forums. Leaders and medicine cats select their deputy and medicine cat apprentice, respectively, and this is done either by handpicking or launching public applications. Their selection must be approved by staff to ensure the user is eligible.
In the rare situation where there is no leader or medicine cat to select a successor, staff choose an individual to fill the rank.

If your question still has not been sufficiently answered on this thread or in the FAQ, we invite you to proceed with making a post in Site Assistance.

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