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Default Re: ShadowClan Training Ground

Originally Posted by woly View Post
daypaw snorted, raising a brow. ¨well youve got the basics down.¨ they mewed. it was alot more then that, and to be able to fight any opponent she would need to know as much as she could. ¨Shadowclan cat are built for strength and power. if you look at them, theyve got broad shoulders. were meant to hunt and fight at night, its our specialty.¨ while daypaw didnt like the dark, at all, they could appreciate that it was a good quality. ¨Thunderclan cats are like us, yes, but they use bushes and undergrowth to hide and sneak up on you, like a surprise attack. its weak to hide behind walls in my opinion. theyre weaknesses are speed and endurance. not to o much stamina.¨ they mewed. they were a medcat, they were suppose to look past boundaries, but that didnt mean they couldn't have opinions. ¨Riverclan have strength but are alot swimmers. theyll splash water in your face and leave you drenched. we make fun of them for being fattys, which they are, but they are smart. its good to drag them away from the water instead, or try to stay dry. your fur will only weight you down when wet.¨ they explained. even mentioning riverclan triggered memories of staying there.¨though i consider riverclan a second home, i cant say too much.¨ they mewed. ¨windclan is fast and dont have a lot of strength. they are frail with skinny bodies and we could take them by a long shot, but if you have a group of windclan cats, youre done. theyre too fast for us.¨ they thought about skyclan. it was a clan they had always forgotten about. often called the mountain cats. ¨They use trees to travel, hunt, and so on. theyll attack you from above where you cant scent of see them, its good to listen for them instead. theyre like windclan, quick on their paws and flexible, but not good with close combat since theyre used to the trees.¨
Nightpaw nodded along as Daypaw explained all the clans, trying to absorb it all. Thee was so much to remember! Each clan had their own strengths and weaknesses and strategies. How was she to remember it all? How had Daypaw?! Nightpaw didn't think there was room in her brain for all this stuff about the different clans, but somehow Daypaw knew all of this and how to heal wounds using weird-smelling plants! But then, Daypaw had grown up having to know all of this. Nightpaw had had to learn other things while living with twolegs. How to get the twolegs to give her food, where to hide when there were strangers in the den, and how to get away when the twoleg kit tried to pull on her tail. There was something else though, Nightpaw may have a pelt color that was suited to hunting at night, but she wasn't broad-shouldered or muscular. She was a lithe and the tiniest bit smaller than many of the fully grown Shadowclan cats. It was barely noticeable but she saw it. It's why Goldenstar had been able to carry her to safety during the flood. And she certainly wasn't stealthy. She ran everywhere she went and announced herself loud and clear to any cat she wanted to talk to. Could she ever hope to learn to be like the cunning and stealthy warriors Daypaw was talking about? She tried to banish the thought. If Daypaw and Goldenstar didn't think she could learn, she wouldn't be here, right? In any case, she hoped so. Gathering her wits at last, Nightpaw nodded as the medicine cat, and got into a crouch. "Ok. Are you ready to go again?" This was already easier now that she'd seen how fast Daypaw could move. Daypaw had bee trained as a warrior first. The enby may look tired and weak on the best of days, but they were alive out here, and Nightpaw was outclassed. "Here I come!" the shecat charged forward again, this time with an odd-looking back and forth sway to her movement. It felt strange and unnatural, but she tried it anyway, leaping forward toward the medicine cat as soon as she felt like she was in pouncing distance.

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Default Re: ShadowClan Training Ground

Originally Posted by Fern View Post
Snarlfang cursed silently in his head when he saw his apprentice flinch back away from him. Mouse-dung! I should have warned her first. Or something. His upset expression faded immediately as she looked at him eagerly, softly whispering her guesses. He wanted to nod as she said Snarlfang, but figured it might be hard for Ivorypaw to pick out which one he was nodding to. Snarlfang closed his eyes a moment before flicking them back open. The tom had an idea.

"Wait right here." He said for a moment, wondering if she could hear him or not. He sniffed the air, he needed to find a snake. The only way he knew to get Ivorypaw to not guess tooth or teeth would be a snake. Lucky for the tom, a small rat snake was in the grass nearby. The ginger cat pounced on it and killed it swiftly. He picked it up and brought it back towards Ivorypaw. He pried open its jaws carefully, revealing the snake's fangs. He snarled again before flicking his tail to one of the snake fangs. "Snarl-fang." He said slowly. He would still be happy if she got his name mostly right even. Snarlfang was just happy he was finding a way to communicate with his apprentice, and teach them.
Ivorypaw tipped her head to the side a small her mentor left the training clearing. Her green and blue gaze followed his strong form. Admiring his skill at catching the rat snake, the she-cat flicked an ear and smiled. He sure was a good warrior! She watched patiently as he pointed at the snake's- Oh! He was demonstrating his name!! Snarlfang! Nodding her head, ears pricked with excitment, she spoke his name aloud. "Snarlfang!"

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