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Default ❝ make a spark, break the dark ❞ ✘

Pipitchirp gave a quaint sigh of relief. Being able to leave the camp for around the third time since she gave birth was honestly such a pleasure to feel. Perhaps she should feel guilty, for succumbing to her selfish needs of freedom, but Peakit, and now Beekit too, had just been draining her of any energy she had. As well as that, she was now being taught about medicine and herbs by none other than Juniperpaw and Shinefang, which was yet again something else that made her inevitably jaded. She did enjoy looking after the kits, and learning about healing, but it was all just a little too much to handle at times. Which was why taking a break sounded quite splendid to her ears.
Her eyes travelled down to the path ahead of her, scrutinising the small paw prints and dull foliage that were scattered frequently across the dirt. Some tracks seemed smaller than others, whilst a few were almost triple the size of her own paws. Gosh, imagine what type of creature could of created those...
Although Pipitchirp wanted to be in denial of any foxes or badgers that may have loomed on the Skyclan grounds, she had to come to the understanding that of course there were things larger and more scarier than what she could even begin to think about. There was no point in blocking out the potential threats that surrounded her, in fact, it was probably better to just carry on with her merry little life, and if the time came were she got ruffled up by perhaps a larger predator; she'd definitely be prepared.

It was becoming obvious that Pipitchirp hadn't been out of camp in a while, by her hesitant steps and dubious glances from left-to-right. She was a little confused on which direction she should head to next, noticing that the trees had begun to disband, and the vegetation grew in less clumps. The female carried on, appendages pushing her through puddles and shrubs, whilst her bodice curved and bended to allow her to travel through tight spaces. With her thin build, the she-cat was quite swift on her feet, and she was able to twist and turn through tunnels and the like. Although, flexibility did come with its disadvantages. Despite being able to gallop at quick speeds, Pipitchirp's strength and stamina were... certainly low. She could barely climb up a few rocks without tumbling down at least twice. But, even though she was as weak as a twig, the molly preferred having her fast gaits.
The only problem was, when she was too busy admiring the scenery around the territory, her legs had been travelling a little too quickly for her to realise it. And, soon enough, she ended up in a very unfortunate predicament.

"Oh bother," the tan and chocolate fae stated, having stopped her treading to observe the lands, "I seem to be rather lost...."Her soft voice uttered merely to herself. Verdant-green pools glanced from side-to-side, desperately trying to grasp any familiarity of the area that happened to be locked inside of her brain. Perhaps her lackadaisical self had decided to sprung out today, because no matter what, she could not remember where she was; or the path she had taken to get there. Pipitchirp drew out a quaky sigh from deep within her lungs, letting the air slither out from her parted lips like a cobra. Banner swaying by her hind legs, the Skyclan queen warily stepped onwards, taking frequent whiffs of the air. It didn't smell all too much like Skyclan, that was for sure. Unrecognisable scents clogged up her mind, yet something about them piqued the interest of the bi-coloured she-cat. Maybe it was the fact that she was basically in the unknown, and the adrenaline was getting to her. But, it could of also been that the change in scenery was somewhat... refreshing? Rejuvenating almost.
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Default Re: ❝ make a spark, break the dark ❞ ✘

@mom paws
macgeiver lay in wait among brambles and thistle. a ways away from his position toured the feline of his target along a lightly trodden path. with blue eyes as smooth as glass, the bounty hunter was just doing another day's work.
strict instructions he had remembered when he picked up the job; brown fur, tall, underfed, and lived by the clans. the area was a place he knew well. the cat was a stranger; didn't know macgeiver, macgeiver didn't know him. but he was also a cat that meant him business to kill. the ugly rogues from south of the old dusk syndicate territory who had sent him, about half a moon ago now, seemed to have a distaste for whoever this cat was. macgeiver didn't like them one bit, but he knew to stay on their good side. besides; even if he didn't get the kill instantly, it would be an easy fight to win by the looks of it. and the reward sounded rather beneficial.
he shifted in his position. counting down the paw steps until the scrawny cat was a whisker from his nose; and he made the leap. both sets of claws and a pair of teeth at the ready as he reached for the cat, but in that instant, he realized. all in one aghasted motion, his claws retreated and his jaws veered off in their pursuit, which made macgeiver flop chest first onto the cat's side in with a fit of very western cussing and cursing. the cat didn't budge as he rubbed his chest and chin against her side so he had to roll off awkwardly, still cursing.
"good god, i am jo-fired sorry there ma'am! i can't believe i lambasted you- pardon me, i would nary do that. thunderation, someone must'u stole my rudder." macgeiver burst as he peeled himself away from the feline, apologizing and scorning himself, mostly because he knew he almost killed her for no good reason other than a stupid mistake. he gave the cat a good look up and down and realized how much he was mistaken; this cat was as well fed as a kittypet, he could have mistook her for one if it weren't for the muscles she dawned and- most embarrassing of all, she was a lady.

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Default Re: ❝ make a spark, break the dark ❞ ✘

@Inglewood Binks
the areas around her were captivating to say the least. the air itself was teasing her merely venture further in, whilst the dainty plants and thick roots caught the molly’s entire attention. she was in awe at the vast environment; she certainly wouldn’t of known all this was here had she not gone a little off route. although, she was almost glad that she did. otherwise, the female would never have been vulnerable to the new scents and smells.
toes grasping at the loose stones and grit below them, with her somewhat thin tail curling at the tip. she was lost in her own world, fascination being her main priority at the moment. if only she was aware of the sudden force that was about to hurtle into her.
her green eyes shot wide, like a doe’s when it felt alarmed, mouth agape with surprise. her feet were swiped up from the ground, causing the molly to land on her side. pipitchirp’s bodice racked against the earth awkwardly, a whine of both shock and pain making its way up from her throat. when she got a glimpse of fur that was attached to her other side, the female couldn’t help but wonder whether she was being attacked. she lay in the same position for a few moments; contemplating what to do. but with the creature below her suddenly rolling off of her, pipitchirp thought it was best for her to remain still.
brows furrowing in the slightest, the tanned femme rose her head only to hear cussing and apologetic words tumbling out from the spotted feline’s mouth.
a smile cracked out across her features, and she tried her hardest to hold in giggles at the stranger’s unique accent. perhaps it wasn’t best to become so friendly with the cat who had leapt at you merely moments ago; however, pipitchirp, with the strings of profuse language and uttered apologies, believed that she could maybe let her guards down for at least a few seconds.
“it’s quite alright...” she responded back, gently pulling herself up from the ground as she did so. “i wasn’t in the right state of mind anyways. i’m almost glad you woke me up from my daydreams before i got too lost.”

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