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Default Site Announcement

Site Announcement
Hey guys!

Due to some delays within the EE, regardless of where Grousestar and Mapledash are with their meeting, SkyClan will arrive in the uninhabited territory besides the Dusk Syndicate by December 11th, 2016. Once there, they will proceed to attack RiverClan. The battle should last for two days real time (therefore ending December 13th), and when concluded SkyClan will continue to ShadowClan on December 14th (ending December 16th), ThunderClan on December 17th (ending December 19th), and WindClan on December 20th (ending December 22nd).

If you have an extensive fight scene planned, now would be the time to roleplay it over PM or Google Docs. You can post the pre-written scene on site when the battle is taking place. (Whether it is individual or you wish to do a combined post similar to what Raywood and I did to ignite ThunderClan).

In other news, some of you may be aware of some changes within the staff. Last month, Beau resigned as mini-mod, and more recently, Derpple and Ashie has resigned as a consultant. Please take the time to thank them for their service to WCO!

Mirefern has requested a position change from consultant to mini-mod, and were swapped this month to their new role. If you haven't already, send some congratulations their way!

With the loss of two staff members, we'll be hosting Moderator Applications. This does not mean someone will be chosen; we'll be keeping them on record for future reference.

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