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Old 06-08-2017, 09:58 PM
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Default Chat Box Announcement

Now that the festivities are over, it's time for a serious announcement.

On June 18th, the chat box will be removed as a site feature. It will be taken down from the sidebar, locked, and no longer used.

This decision has come after two years of fighting, drama, and rule breaking in general. We have been waiting for the chat subscription to end before we canceled, and as it is a cesspool for infractions, ban-skirting, and violations, we see no reason to prolong its presence.

With this said, the role of chat box moderator will also be discontinued. fenic! will be brought onto the site staff as a mini-moderator. Don't forget to congratulate them!

Though the chat may be coming to an end soon, this will not excuse inappropriate behavior, and if infringes on the rules become a problem, it will be locked prior to the cancellation date.

For users who have adhered to the guidelines and been respectful, we thank you! You guys have been awesome.

If you're interested in chatting with other users, you can reach out to them via private messages, visitor messages, or open a chat thread in the General Board.

Alternatively, you could use a chatzy or a discord room - however, you may not claim it as being official*.
The WCO staff does not moderate these rooms, and WCO is not responsible for what happens in them.
If the link to the room has been posted publicly on site and contains content outside our guidelines (e.g. profanity, sexual content), you can report the link by clicking the on the top right of the post. Please indicate in the report what is going on in the chatroom.

Thank you for understanding!

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Old 06-14-2017, 12:27 AM
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the world falls away, and it's only us
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Default Chat Box Announcement

Conditions for Unofficial Chats

To straighten some confusion and answer some questions asked regarding the user-run chats, the staff has compiled conditions in which chats may be posted on site.
  • Chats may only be posted publicly if they adhere to all of Warrior Cats Online's guidelines. This includes our terms on profanity and sexual content. Chats that have language outside of our rules will be removed from the site.

  • Users who wish to have profanity / content outside Warrior Cats Online's terms in their chat may do so provided the link is distributed privately. You may mention you have a chat publicly, but if other members are interested, please send them a private message and inform them of your own chat's lenient rules.

  • Members enter private chats at their own risk. The staff of Warrior Cats Online is not responsible for the material within the chatroom.

  • If you are in a public chatroom where inappropriate or suggestive content is allowed or condoned, please report the post containing the link and include what's going on in the chat. Though not required, a screenshot or chat log is appreciated.

If you have any further inquiries or concerns, please contact a staff member.

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