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Default Redpelt

Current Name: Redpelt
Other Names, if any: Redpaw, Red, Redkit.
Age (in moons): 24 moons
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Creation Date: 12/28/2017

Residential Information

Current Affiliation/Clan: Shadowclan
Former Affiliation/Clan, if any: Rogue
Rank: Warrior
Mentor(s): N/A
Apprentice(s): N/A

Interpersonal Connections

Father(s): N/A
Mother (s): N/A
Sibling(s): N/A

Best Friend(s): N/A
Friend(s): N/A
Neutral: N/A
Acquaintance(s): N
Enemies: N/A

Significant Other: whoever the mom is(?)


Overview: He is a very shy, but loving cat that joined the clan as kit after his parents dropped him near the Shadowclan border. He was often called demon cat by the other apprentices because of His red tipped pelt, redish tinted eyes, and not being born a clan cat. This makes him self conscious of his fur. He is fiercely loyal to his clan and would do anything to protect his clan. This loyalty soon helped him prove his worth to the other cats in his clan and now he is a loved member by most of the clan. One of his flaws is that he's very insecure so it's very easy to hurt his with just your words.
Traits: Shy, insecure, loyal, loving.

Mental Age: 30 moons
Psychiatric Complications: N/A
Phobias: No one liking him.

Sociability: 6/10
Outlook: 7/10
Responsibility: 8/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Generosity: 9/10
Manners: 8/10
Bravery: 9/10
More Logical or More Emotional? Emotional

Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Food(s): vole
Favorite Word: Moss
Favorite Sound: Wind blowing through trees.

Greatest Hope: That one day everyone will accept him for who he is.
Greatest Strength: His loyalty
Greatest Weakness: His insecurity
Worst Nightmare: Nobody caring about him
Deepest Darkest Secret: he still misses his parents
Most Treasured Memory: Being rescued by the clan when he was just a kit.

Quirk(s): he doesn't really accept compliments very well.
Theme Song(s): Dream~ Imagine Dragons, and also Demons


Place of Birth: The woods near Shadowclan territory
Date of Birth: 12/28/2015
Former rank(s): Apprentice, kit.
Beliefs: Starclan

Physical Traits

Breed(s): Somali
Fur Color(s): Red
Fur Texture: Soft, fluffy
Fur Length: Long
Markings: N/A
Eye Color: Yellow with a tint of red.

Body Type/Structure: Thin
Height: 10in
Weight: 15lb
Voice: Soft, Insecure
Gait: Defensive
Scent: Sweet and smoky

Scars / Deformities: A tint of red in his eyes
Diseases / Conditions: N/A

Coordination: 9/10
Reflexes: 9/10
Strength: 8/10
*special thanks to Dovekit12*
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