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Default Re: RiverClan Healing

Mention;; @AbsurdJinx
Name;; Purepaw
Gender;; Tom
Appearance;; White pelt, blue eyes
Personality;; Kind, caring, and compassionate
Location;; Medicine Cat's Den
Plot;; Purepaw brings food for Sorrelkit, then volunteers to help Juniperpaw clean up the herb stores after the she-kit's misadventure, and takes the opportunity to get to know her.
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Default Re: RiverClan Healing

Healing Form
Mention;; @AbsurdJinx
Name;; Daisyshade
Gender;; Female
Injury;; Multiple scratch wounds to throat, shoulders, tail and a large gash on her left side about three inches long and two inches deep. Severe bleeding from a previous battle wound on her neck reopened during the fight.
Location;; Med den
Other;; just getting a jump on battle healing c:

Daisyshade is merely a deputy and has yet to learn, contact
Fallenstar to get the answers your looking for <3


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