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Default High Rank Selection Process & Procedures

High Rank Selection Process & Procedures

There’re quite a few folks who seemed confused about what getting a high rank entails, so this should hopefully answer those questions. It will cover who selects what high rank, how the rank is selected, and who qualifies for one.

If needed, this informal guide will be updated to reflect future changes that may be made.

Who is responsible for selecting high ranks?
  • Leaders: If there is a leader role open, the staff will either handpick someone for the role or more commonly, launch applications to fill it.
  • Deputies: The current leader is responsible for selecting the deputy.
  • Medicine Cats: If there is a medicine cat role open, the staff will either handpick someone for the role or more commonly, launch applications to fill it.
  • Medicine Cat Apprentices: The current medicine cat is responsible for selecting the medicine cat apprentice.

How Selection Works
  1. A position--leader, deputy, medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice--needs to be available.
  2. The current high rank (leader, medicine cat) will begin handpicking users or opening applications to fill the spot.
  3. Once they have at least 1-5 individuals selected, the high rank messages staff to gain approval for these users. More on the approval process later.
  4. Once staff have approved the choices, the high rank decides which user will receive the rank.
  5. The high rank privately messages the candidate to let them know they have been selected for the rank, asking if they will accept the position.
  6. If yes, the ceremony commences and the sidebar and news are updated accordingly.

Note: Staff are not to interfere with the selection process. We cannot offer any member suggestions to the high rank.

Who Qualifies
There are a couple things staff check before giving high ranks the green light on their candidates.
  • Behavior - we want our high ranks to be role models. That doesn’t mean you have to be welcoming every new user, and we definitely don’t want you to backseat moderate, but it does mean you can’t be insulting others, flaming, or bullying anybody. As long as you contribute positivity to the site, you’re probably okay.
  • Previous Infractions - minor infractions are not relayed to the high rank, but major ones (e.g. flaming, multi-accounting, posting non-PG content, or if you have 5+ total gained within the last six months) are mentioned and presumably will be factored into the high rank’s decision. For the privacy of the user, we do not provide detailed information of the incident - we simply let the high rank know the selection has infraction(s) that may conflict with being a good role model.
  • Previous High Rank(s) & “cool down time” - having a previous high rank may or may not deter the ability to receive another. As a candidate, it is mentioned to the high rank that they have had one in the past, and the high rank decides what to do from there provided the candidate is eligible. If their cool down time has not expired, they are not eligible for another rank until it does.
  • Activity - this is the one that tends to disqualify most individuals. The staff conduct a quick search through the candidate’s post history, checking to see if they have published at least three roleplay posts (can be Main, Alternative, or Non-Warriors) per week for the last sixty days / two months. We let the high rank know how many weeks (if any) they have missed, and the high rank can determine if they are still a good fit for the role.

Quick FAQ
Q: What is a temporary high rank?
A: Previously, the staff would allow high ranks to select “temporary high ranks” if they desired - usually this was in line with a plot. For example, if a plot involved the temporary high rank tragically dying or being dismissed before the user would otherwise have the character resign from the position.

The thought behind permitting this practice was to help more folks have a chance at being in a high ranking position, regardless of the time spent in it.

To be considered temporary, both parties had to agree upon a date when the temporary high rank would lose their rank. Due to continued abuse (i.e. trying to keep the rank past the allotted time and misrepresentation of the role’s nature), the staff no longer allow this practice since it seems to cause more widespread confusion and bitterness than it does good.

Q: Do staff force leaders to choose deputies, or medicine cats to choose apprentices? Is there a time limit?
A: No, leaders and medicine cats can refuse to choose successors, but for leaders, a reason for not doing so is required. In the past, a leader has opted not to choose a deputy in hopes the previous one would return (an in-character reason.)

Medicine cats choose apprentices whenever they wish, or not at all - though it is highly recommended they do so prior to resigning.

We do not require deputies or medicine cat apprentices be chosen within a certain time frame.

Q: What are trial roleplays?
A: High ranks sometimes want to roleplay with a pool of future high rank selections before choosing one to fill the spot - these roleplays would be considered trial roleplays.

The process is as follows: there is an available successor spot (e.g. deputy, medicine cat apprentice) and the rank (leader, medicine cat) wishes to fill it. They launch applications or handpick to select a group of candidates, generally ranging from 2-5. From here, they message staff to ensure these candidates are approved. After gaining approval, they let the users know they are in the running for the rank and will be conducting trial roleplays to pick which member, out of the 2-5 selections, will receive the high rank. At the end of the trial period, the high rank makes the final decision of who will receive the rank.

The staff have requested that high ranks keep the trial period within one month. Continuing beyond that time frame greatly increases the chance that the candidates will be outside the activity guidelines therefore won’t be eligible for the position once the trial period concludes, requiring the selection process to begin again and no progress is ever made.

Final Note
That’s how the high rank selection process works! It’s pretty simple and boils down to a couple key components: the rank higher than the open one chooses their successor(s), and they usually have final say over who gets selected, then the selection can accept or reject the proposal.

My inbox is always open if there are still questions remaining about high ranks.

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