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Default Re: Rowanclan ( sign ups , not private )

Name: Fear
Age: 4 moons.
Gender: Female
Looks: white shecat with grey striped on her back
Personality: This unique kit is quite playful and kind. Why is her name Fear? Well, let me answer that for you! If you mess with her friends, family, lover, anyone close to her, she will turn into the living devil and destroy you. Oh and she also is a hopeless romantic
Rank: Kit (plot idea!!!!)
( @Hawkstar )

Alrighty! So I have an idea. That's never good.. So Fear is an abandoned loner kitten. She know s nothing of the Clans or human life. Her parents Grey and Soot died when attacked by a dog, making Fear an orphan. Maybe one of yours or someone's cat can find a sick, cold, and starving Fear at the border or inside their territory. Maybe one of the females can adopt Fear.

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