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Originally Posted by KayMew07 View Post
Lucinda is running down the street to escape school she loved but everyone there was so mean she saw a dark alley and sat on a box in it crying
Sky was walking and saw Lucinda from the corner of her eye.She had a bruise because she had a fight at school and she was dusting off her shirt."You ok over there?" She asked,and then rembered this was the exorsist that was supposed to help her dad today,but didn't mention it.
My main plot right now-
This isn't the end(thunderclan)
Skyclan cats finder for Coldwind and Milkfur!!!

I get on some on weekdays,but I don't do huge reply's and usually aren't on very long,so...yhea.just wanted to let everyone know so nobody gets mad if I reply to one thing and not the other...
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